Catar Records is happy to present their first compilation ‘Epiphysis Cerebri’ which surrounds the wide range of Psychedelic Trance from DarkPsy to Forest, Twilight and Hitech. This compilation includes well known artists as well as some of our beautifully talented upcoming artists.

For long, humans have been closely associated with Felines. In Ancient Egypt, Cats have played an important role in shaping their history as we know it, and The pineal gland appears to play a major role in the hibernation of animals and seasonal breeding.

In some lower vertebrates the pineal gland has a well-developed eye-like structure and it functions as a light receptor and could be considered the evolutionary forerunner of the modern eye. The results of various scientific research have explained the phylogeny of the pineal gland in different vertebrate species. From the point of view of biological evolution, the pineal gland represents a kind of atrophied photoreceptor. In the epithalamus of some species of amphibians and reptiles, it is linked to a light-sensing organ, known as the parietal eye, which is also called the third eye.


Epiphysis Cerebri

Release Date : 12th January 2018
Artists : Arsiaba, Diplodocus, Isometric, Metrix, Noein, Psyence of the Apes, Shakti Project, Tyndra
Format : CD