Sonik Distortion, otherwise known as Balu Mathew is a DJ/Producer from the south of India. Since Sonik Distortion’s conception about a decade ago, his avantgarde releases and presence in the psychedelic trance scenes in and outside India have garnered their own unique following. Sonik Distortion, a self taught DJ, is kind of jack of all trades who gives a mind manifesting encounter to his audience at his gigs with powerful swells of sound that eventually unfold into more ethereal, intricate valleys, offering the listener the sort of 360 experience of absolute wonders of reality. His subtle brilliance lies in exploring a wide range of genres from Hitech to Dark Psy, Progressive, Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Techno.


Some of his collaborations include:


Digital Munkeyz(with Mehpsyah)
Klassikal Rage (With Aum Sync) and his solo Projekt 3(P.M.M, THC, Snd EVENTS). Sonik Distortion is one of the core DJ\ Artist of Post Modern Music(INDIA). 2016 has been another crazy year meeting up with support from international acts and him being one of the new additions to CATAR Records(UK).


Sonik Distortion