Haemogoblin is a dream that I had during 2010, when I was starting out in the London Psytrance scene as a punter. My dream then was to create music which told stories of the universe and made people orgasm (does not have to be in the literal sense) from listening to it. In time I learnt to inscribe downloaded knowledge from the cosmos into my music. I aim to heal my listeners from whatever they might need healing from internally and also to learn myself to be a better human in this process.


Haemogoblin is the Goblin, “Me”, who enters your blood through your ears through my music and becomes the ‘Haemoglobin’ which is the major constituent of our blood. By doing this I am allowed to speak to peoples sub conscious and upload all the information that i have downloaded from Mother Earth and ancient entities/ energies/ portals/ civilisations and gods and beings. The information is relative to the individual. It has the potential to inspire people to become more aware and sensitive beings, help people out of mental troubles and also help them purge and convert into compatible energetic beings.


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